Planning a canoe or kayak trip at your favorite spot in Naples? Here is a great list of tips for every level of experience thinking about taking a fun excursion with friends and family in a canoe.

1. Plan the trip around the least experienced person

Canoeing can be loads of fun, but it is always important to go with those who are at the same experience level as you. If you are a beginner with a bunch of professional’s sportsmen or women you risk being left behind. Same works for advanced participants, don’t invite a newbie unless you are okay taking it slow.

2. Be prepared for whatever comes your way

Whether it is a unique group of animals you might encounter or the weather, go on your trip prepared. Always think about what the worst case scenario might be and that way you will all be ready for it. Make sure you have your life jacket (required), food and water for a longer trip, a raincoat and always wear suntan lotion when you are on the water. Consider a guided kayak tour if you want a more structured outing with information about the area.

3. Avoid tipping the canoe

Make sure that when you are packing your canoe, it is not carrying too much weight. Don’t put four people in a three person canoe. That will undoubtedly result in the whole group landing in the water, and this can be dangerous and impossible to get back in for the inexperienced. Balancing the weight and understanding how important paddling is will help your group stay upright and dry.

4. Know when to call it quits and pack it in.

Thunder warns of lighting, and lightning can be deadly, especially on the water. If that is the case during your trip, turn around and get back to shore immediately. Find shelter and stay inside until it passes. The same goes for an injured or ill individual in the group; it is pertinent to get on dry land. It is a bummer if your trip gets disrupted, but you will remember it fondly as long as you go home in one piece. Plus what’s stopping you from rescheduling it?

5. Dress for the weather

Always be sure to dress for the weather. If the day is starting out a bit on the breezy side, consider wearing an extra layer. Just remember it is much better to take extra clothing off than not having enough.

6. Take a lesson

If you don’t exactly have your sea legs and are nervous about going on a canoe trip, book a lesson. Knowledge an excellent way to become more comfortable. Just imagine what you will know compared to your friends that didn’t consider it.

7. Lastly, enjoy yourself

Even if this is your first time on a canoe or kayak trip it will be a fantastic experience. You are much more likely to enjoy it if you take a deep breath and don’t go into it with any preconceived notions. Each day is a gift and worth savoring to its fullest.

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