The holidays are here, and a beach vacation is on the horizon. Whether you are planning to spend your next vacation at the beach or want to enjoy some time in the sun, many things can ruin an otherwise relaxing experience.

Why Choose a Beach Vacation?

We often have to work long hours to pay our bills in today’s world. But working too much doesn’t mean that you’re doing anything productive. Instead, it means that you’re missing out on valuable free time that you could use to relax and recharge. So, instead of spending your days sitting at a desk, why not take advantage of the beach to have fun, relax and unwind?

Here are five common mistakes people make that rob them of the perfect beach trip:

Not Planning Ahead of Time

Preparation is one of the most important tips for a perfect beach vacation. If you don’t plan ahead of time for what you will need while on vacation, you may find yourself scrambling to buy items such as sunscreen, bug spray, and other necessities before arriving at your destination. If you do not have these items with you, getting them once you arrive at your resort, hotel or rental could be challenging and a waste of vacation time.

During check-in, you must have your reservation details at hand. Lack of clarity of reservation details increases anxiety which may ruin your vacation before you get started. Take advantage of online reservations for easy tracking instead of printouts as a rule of thumb.

Forgetting Your Sunscreen

Sunbathing is a popular thing to do around the beach, and a bit of sunshine has many health benefits such as:

  • Better sleep
  • Stronger bones
  • High immune system
  • Healing of skin conditions
  • Reducing depression

Despite the numerous advantages, sunbathing has its dangers. Sunscreen is one of the essential products you should take on any trip. The last thing you want to worry about during your vacation is dealing with skin cancer later down the road. Make sure to pack enough sunscreen so that you won’t run out before you leave home. You should also make sure to apply your sunscreen every 2 hours, even if you feel like you are already protected by your SPF 30+ lotion.

Failing to Pack The Right Clothing

When packing for a trip to the beach, you should always put some thought into clothing. You never know how hot it might get at the beach, and you certainly don’t want to end up wearing something inappropriate because you did not bring the right clothes. Besides packing swimsuits for all family members, also include cover-ups or SPF shirts, hats, and a change of clothes. This way, everyone can enjoy swimming while staying protected from the sun and having something dry and store or restaurant-appropriate on hand if needed.

Not Bringing Waterproof Shoes

It is imperative to bring appropriate footwear when going to the beach. Sand gets everywhere, and the last thing you want is sand getting into your everyday shoes. Bring flip-flops or water shoes that can protect your feet from hot sand, rocks and shells, or a long walk from the parking lot.

Not Preparing for Emergencies

Lack of preparation for an emergency is one of the critical mistakes that can ruin your beach travel. It would be best to always carry a cell phone with you when you travel. In case of emergency, this allows others to contact you immediately. Additionally, you should always keep a first aid kit with you at all times. Items to include are bandages, gauze, antiseptic cream, and other supplies that can help treat minor injuries.

Some things can go wrong or be forgotten, even with the best plan. The best way to cushion your vacation from any emergency is by purchasing travel insurance. The cover safeguards you from unnecessary expenses such as losing your travel documents or an extra dish due to flight delays.


When traveling, we want to connect with people from different places; learn about their culture; feel the wonder of a new location, and explore a new part of the world. Staying focused on the big picture with less to worry about allows you to enjoy the beach experience.