Going to the beach with your kids is the perfect opportunity for some fun and quality bonding time. But while you’re out enjoying the day, it’s well-advised to bring the proper essentials to make your time at the beach even better.

4 Things to Bring to the Beach When you Have Kids

Are you heading to the beach with your kids? The beach is the perfect place to enjoy some sun, relax, and spend quality time with your children.

But if you’re going to be spending the day at the beach, there are a few essentials you need to bring. Today we’re going to share what items are most important to improve your beach experience.

Sun Protection

Protecting you and your kids from the harsh UV rays from the sun is most important when you’re planning a long day at the beach.

Be sure to bring essential items such as hats, sunglasses, and sunscreen. You can also consider getting UV shirts or UV suits and coverups for swimsuits.

Bringing these essential items will not only keep you and your kids comfortable during your time at the beach but will help maintain healthy skin.

Beach Toys

What’s a day at the beach without beach toys? Once you’re done relaxing and soaking up the sun, you and your kids will likely be ready for a bit of fun.

Be prepared with a variety of beach toys that’s fun for everyone to enjoy. Toys will ensure that your time at the beach is a memorable one.

With that said, you can bring various water toys such as masks, snorkels, fins, floats, and wetsuits. This is essential if you and your kids prefer to spend a lot of your time in the water.

You can also bring beach toys perfect for the sand, such as buckets and shovels, a frisbee, kites, and a ball to play catch. These beach toys are a great choice if you and your kids prefer to run around in the sand.

Be mindful of how many beach toys you bring as not to weigh yourself down. It’s a good idea to get a good mix of beach toys for the water and the sand so that you and your kids always have something interesting to do while at the beach.

Safety Items

Going to the beach means that you’ll be next to a large body of water. As such, it’s crucial to have the right safety items regardless of whether you and your family can swim or not. Safety is always a top priority, and it’s better to be prepared for the unexpected.

For starters, it’s a good idea to bring life vests. PFD’s are especially important if your children are not strong swimmers. In addition to this, it’s best to bring some swim goggles along if you’re children love underwater activities or have sensitive eyes.

Another important safety item is foot protection. If your kids are exploring tide pools or there are many shells, sneakers, water shoes, or rugged closed-toed sandals will protect their feet from cuts and scrapes.

If you have newly potty-trained children, toddlers, or babies, don’t forget to bring swim diapers to help protect your children and others from waterborne diseases that can be transferred by fecal matter.

Lastly, bring a bottle of water specifically for flushing out eyes from the sand. It’s important to note that you should never rub your eye as this can tear your cornea. Water is the safest way to remove sand particles. Additionally, bring a first-aid kit just in case.

Convenient Items

Spending time at the beach means you’ll likely need a few items for convenience. Here is a list of things that might benefit you and your kids.

  • Reusable insulated water bottles
  • Mesh bag
  • Soft-sided cooler for snacks
  • Trash bags
  • Camera
  • Aloe Vera gel in case of skin burns
  • Moisturizer
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Drying ear drops

Going to the beach with your kids is certainly a fun experience to create great memories. Whether you’re planning a trip for a few hours or all day, bringing the right essentials is necessary.

Be sure to bring appropriate sun protection, get some beach toys for the water and sand, bring safety items, and bring a few conveniences for you and your family’s needs.