If your family is like most, then the newness of Christmas toys disappears very fast. Therefore, before everyone gets busy with complicated post-holiday schedules, plan a canoeing trip to Delnor-Wiggins Pass State Park. Even though you may have to bundle up a little, your family will be building memories to last a lifetime.

Reconnecting with Nature

Richard Louv coined the term “nature-deficit disorder” for those people who never take the time to reconnect with nature. The outcomes of this disorder include obesity, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, asthma, and vitamin D deficiency. People who do not take the time to reconnect with nature are at a higher risk of heart disease, mental health disorders and diabetes as adults.

Total Body Workout

Canoeing and kayaking are an excellent way to get a full body workout. It takes a lot of energy to move the paddle through the water, making rowing a great cardiovascular workout. At the same time, the person is building strength throughout the whole body, particularly in the upper torso. There is almost no risk of strength injuries like are found in many fitness activities. Get a quick start on your New Year’s resolution to lose weight this year as paddling vigorously in a canoe burns up to 748 calories in an hour and kayaking burns about 454 calories in an hour for the average adult rowing continuously. However, taking a few pauses here and there to take in the scenery is a more realistic goal and has its inherent benefits too!

Builds Mental Health

People who spend time outdoors have a more positive outlook on life. Therefore, instead of having to break up a fight between siblings for the upteempth time use this activity to build teamwork within your family. Then, if times get a little rough for your family, you can remind everyone how they worked together to move the vessel through the water. Research shows that people who canoe or kayak on a regular basis feel better about themselves and the world around them.

Perfect at Any Age

While some people may have hit that age where running and backcountry backpacking has taken a toll on the body, kayaking and canoeing can be done at any age because of its low impact on the body. On the other end of the spectrum, many families find that kayaking or canoeing is a great way to have an adventure that meets everyone’s needs.

We are here to help you plan the adventure that is right for your family. Whether you are looking for a guided tour or to rent the equipment for your own adventure, let us be your guiding light along the path. We have the knowledge and equipment so that you can plan an adventure fitting your family perfectly. Contact us today for more information and bookings.

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