How to Get a Great Workout with Stand-Up Paddleboarding

Get this: Just 30 minutes of stand-up paddleboarding, or SUP, is equal to running six miles. Considering that it'd take the average person 42 minutes to an hour to run six miles, that's amazing. It's like you get more for less, and all with the added benefit of countless fun. Plus, SUP works all your muscles, including your shoulders, [...]

How to Get a Great Workout with Stand-Up Paddleboarding2018-08-20T01:33:57-04:00

5 Snorkeling Tips for Beginners

Snorkeling is an easy and entertaining pastime that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and abilities. If you are new to snorkeling in Naples, Florida, don't let that stand in the way of exploring the beauty of Delnor-Wiggins Pass State Park. The park is one of the area's top attractions! Many scuba divers and [...]

5 Snorkeling Tips for Beginners2018-08-20T01:33:57-04:00

Top 5 Canoeing Tips for Beginners

Canoeing is an awesome recreational boating activity. Not only is canoeing a total body workout, it's also a wonderful way to spend time with family and friends in nature. If you're a beginner, check out these five canoeing tips for beginners. Plan for Your Trip As you're preparing for your first canoe trip, it's important that you [...]

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5 Basic Kayaking Tips for Beginners Visiting Naples, Florida

Kayaking amongst beautiful nature can have a lot of mental benefits, including stress-relief. It's a calming way to feel connected to the world around us. Plus, it's a fun activity that the whole family can enjoy together. Basking in the Florida sun while floating along the water can make a vacation feel special. If you've never kayaked before, [...]

5 Basic Kayaking Tips for Beginners Visiting Naples, Florida2018-08-20T01:33:57-04:00

5 Top Naples Florida Vacation Activities

Need ideas for your Naples Florida vacation? We have you covered! Naples is a beautiful beach town on the Gulf of Mexico. It boasts white sandy beaches, top-rated hotels and resorts, and plenty of activities. Keep reading for the 5 best ways to enjoy this beautiful beach town. 1. Delnor-Wiggins Pass State Park Spend at [...]

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Kayaking Naples FL: Fun for the Whole Family

When it comes to first-rate family adventures, kayaking is at the top of the list. And when it comes to kayaking, few coastal cities have as much beautiful terrain to cover as Naples, FL. From gorgeous beachlines and blue oceans to inland estuaries and channels, Naples provides the perfect environment for peaceful kayak exploring. In [...]

Kayaking Naples FL: Fun for the Whole Family2018-08-20T01:33:57-04:00

5 Things to do in Naples, Florida

Trying to decide where to take your next vacation? Florida is always a popular destination for vacationers, but it also offers a variety of different types of getaways, so it may be hard to narrow down where exactly in the state to go. Have you considered the town of Naples? No matter what your interests [...]

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Historic Places to Visit in Florida: Naples for History Buffs

Florida's west coast is known for its bright white sand beaches and beautiful resorts. The city also has a lot of rich history that makes it a top vacation destination. One gem located in southwest Florida is the beautiful city of Naples. Known for its cuisine, shopping, beaches and water sports, Naples also has a few hidden treasures. [...]

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Why Naples Beaches are Worth a Visit

The beaches in Florida are among the most beautiful in the United States. Visitors and locals alike have many options when it comes to the Florida coastline. But anyone who skips a trip to Naples in favor of one of the other local beaches is missing out. That's because Naples is home to some amazing [...]

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5 Tips to Help You Learn How to Paddleboard

Have you ever dreamed of walking on water, being able to glide effortlessly across a smooth marble surface? While we can't exactly tell you how to literally walk on water, stand up paddle boarding could be the closest you might ever come to walking on water. And learning how to paddleboard is as easy as taking [...]

5 Tips to Help You Learn How to Paddleboard2018-08-20T01:33:57-04:00
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