You’re planning a vacation or getaway to Naples, Florida? You’re going to have an excellent time.

Seated in the “Sunshine State,” Naples, Florida, is known for its scorching summers and its mild winters. During August, the weather averages a balmy 92 degrees, whereas, in the winter months, it rounds out to an average in the 60s.

Because of the mild weather, many people flock to Florida for vacations at one of its many beaches and theme parks. However, the weather isn’t just all sunshine as the state’s name suggests.

Instead, guests should be aware of all the Naples, Florida weather varieties they may experience.

Expect Rain in the Naples, Florida Weather Forecast

When you go to Florida, expect rain at some point, especially in summer. The hot and humid climate lends itself to thunderstorms, and at times, even very scary hurricanes.

In the summer, expect heavy thunderstorms, while the winter can give away to prolonged rains that are a little bit cooler.

Always bring a poncho or umbrella, especially if you are set to enjoy out of door activities. You never know when the heaves will open and pour down on you.

Bring Sunscreen

Naples, Florida’s heat is punishing, when it’s not raining, of course. If you’re enjoying time on the water or at the beach, you’ll need to apply sunscreen evenly and often.

If you go swimming or participate in outdoor sports, you should reapply it every few hours, even in the winter months. This is because the water you come in contact with can wipe away the sunscreen, as can the sweat from your work out.

For those vacationing with children, it is important to remember to reapply their sunscreen every few hours as well. This keeps skin cancer at bay, as well as prevents both aging and sun sickness.

Be Ready for the Humidity

If you’re from a part of the country or another part of the world, that experiences dry heat; you might be in for a shock. Naples, Florida’s humidity can be almost as punishing as its heat, and when combined, it can create a sauna-like atmosphere in the air.

The humidity index is usually over 50 percent, especially in the summer, and can make many hairstyles impossible. If you like to straighten your hair, you might find that it is back to its original curls or waves in just a few hours outside.

Prepare to Spend Some Time Indoors

While your Naples, Florida, vacation might be all about taking advantage of the proximity to the ocean, you’ll need to prepare to spend some time inside. It will most definitely rain during some portion of your vacation, so you should prepare with movies, games or researching indoor activities.

During these days and times, you can go see a film or try a new restaurant.

Going to Naples, Florida

No matter what the Naples, Florida, weather forecast says, you’ll have an excellent time there with your family. Just make sure you enjoy the most of it responsibly by staying safe from the sun and mitigating your expectations.

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