Florida’s west coast is known for its bright white sand beaches and beautiful resorts. The city also has a lot of rich history that makes it a top vacation destination.

One gem located in southwest Florida is the beautiful city of Naples. Known for its cuisine, shopping, beaches and water sports, Naples also has a few hidden treasures.

It’s not just another beach city, it is one of the best places to visit in Florida.

Naples is full of history that can be explored in its various museums. If you are more of an outdoors person tour one of the vast state parks where you can commune with nature and learn about its inhabitants.

If you are planning a trip to Florida consider checking out these historical places in and around Naples.

Naples Depot Museum

Located in downtown Naples, the museum explores the early history of the first settlers and takes visitors on an educational journey. Some of the artefacts in the museum include restored rail cars, a swamp buggy, Seminole dugout canoes and a mule wagon.

The museum hosts several exhibits and an interactive train ride for children.

Many cities in Florida formed as the railways made their way south in the late 1800’s. Naples grew from a few hundred citizens to one of the states more cultural beach towns.

The Naples Depot Museum is also on the National Registry of Historic Places adding to why it is one of the best places to visit in Florida.

Palm Cottage

Built in 1885, the former summer home of newspaper businessman Walter N. Haldeman is the oldest home in Naples. Halderman was one of Naples founding fathers.

This jewel in the Naples Historic District is just one of the best places to visit in Florida while touring Naples. The Palm Cottage Tour is a look into the heritage and charm of the original town.

Although preserved for its rich heritage and rare tabby (or tabbie) mortar construction, the Palm Cottage is a popular spot for garden weddings and social gatherings.

Places to Visit in Florida Includes National and State Parks

Florida has some amazing park land. If you’re visiting Naples and have some time to spare, Everglades Park, one of the largest historic national parks in the US, is an hour drive from Naples.

One of the park’s best features is the famed Shark Valley. There you can find wildlife native to Florida. The 15-mile trail through Shark Valley can be travelled on foot, by bike or the park’s tram for tourists.

If you are more of a water person, Delnor-Wiggins Pass State Park may be best suited for your visit.

Paddle boarding, canoeing, bird watching or catching a glimpse of a Florida Manatee is just a few of the fun things you can do and see. Make sure you grab a camera to capture the breathtaking natural beauty of the park.

You’re sure to file those memories under the best places to visit in Florida.

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