When it comes to first-rate family adventures, kayaking is at the top of the list. And when it comes to kayaking, few coastal cities have as much beautiful terrain to cover as Naples, FL.

From gorgeous beachlines and blue oceans to inland estuaries and channels, Naples provides the perfect environment for peaceful kayak exploring.

In this article, we’ll show you how kayaking Naples FL checks off everything on your wishlist for ultimate family fun.

Kayaking Is Relatively Inexpensive

When planning a family vacation, funds and budgeting will definitely come up in your calculations. Considering far-off vacations or theme park tickets for the whole family, the costs of kayaking are comparatively inexpensive.

Pack a lunch and bring your gear (or rent it locally) to enjoy a full day on the water, exploring passages and making new family memories.

A Relaxing Way to Get the Family Together

The idea of sharing an afternoon with your spouse and kids (plus any other family tagging along) may frighten you. Kids get into arguments and the stress of sticking to schedules and coordinating the bunch affects everyone.

With kayaking, the whole family can stay together and still enjoy independence if they’re taking their own kayak. Instead of keeping them indoors where they’re likely to want screen time, the whole family can glide through nature on cool waters, and enjoy being unplugged for a while.

Kayaking Helps to Alleviate Stress

Getting out and simply being in nature has proven to relieve stress and help to lessen problems like depression and obesity. It’s easy to forget how simply stepping away from technology can work wonders on our stress levels.

And this goes for everyone in the family! Adults and teenagers both spend plenty of time on mobile apps and social media. Browsing the web, watching television, checking updates on our phones…these all contribute to our daily stresses.

Maybe your stress is coming from society and the pressures of the media. Giving a little of your free time to nature and exerting energy through paddling naturally produces endorphins. And that equals a happier mind!

Tips for Kayaking Naples FL

Whether you’re kayaking in shallow water or wondering a little further afield, everyone on the water should know how to swim. Regardless if they’ll be with you in your kayak or not, if little ones are coming for the adventure, they should be able to swim.

In addition to that, everyone going out on the water should also have their own life vest. Vests can be purchased at many of the general stores in Naples and some tour or kayaking locations offer rental equipment.

While you’re shopping around for vests, make sure to stock up on sunblock, get a good hat, and a decent size refillable water bottle that is great to have and great for the environment too.

Some docks, kayaking tour groups, or other local services offer kayak transportation and passenger shuttles to drop off locations. Research ahead of time so your entire day can be spent on the water with your family.

Staying for more than a day of kayaking Naples FL? Browse other great family excursions on the Naples Beach Adventures blog!

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