Summer is usually the ideal season for hitting the beach. The bright sunshine greets you and you don’t have to worry about the temperature. You can always plan your outdoor activity without taking a jacket because you are sure that the weather is going to be warm. However, the only downside with Naples beach vacation in the summer months is the chance of rain every day. Unlike many other places, Florida has the most rainfall in the summer months. If you do not like the idea of going to the beach only to get rained out, planning your vacation in November is a good idea.

November may have a reputation for being cold in other parts of the country, but in Florida, the weather is perfect. It is never too hot and humid, and you can rest assured that it is very unlikely to rain. Naples Beach is a crowd magnet attracting adults and children who want a break from work-life. If you like the thought of a beach vacation in November, be sure to plan your room and travel ahead of time. November is the time of year when “snow-birds”, or retirees, run from the snow and come to Florida. Locals refer to this time of year as “Season” because they all know it’s the time of year for many visitors.

While most of Florida is blessed with sunshine and sandy beaches, a prime location is Naples Beach. In November, expect the temperature to average around 83 degrees Fahrenheit. This is the perfect weather to un-thaw your bones and recharge your mind.

Comfortable clothing for November Weather

Naples is Southwest Florida’s shopping and fashion capital. You don’t have to wear signature brands to blend in though, all you need is casual clothing that fits comfortably. If you like dressing formally for the evening, you can find a lot of fine restaurants in the area. As you head for the beach, make sure you bring your beach towels, flip-flops and other vacation essentials. As the weather becomes cooler in the evenings, you may also need a light sweater.

You don’t have to fear the crowds in Naples so long as you prepare. If you want to avoid the heat and humidity, plan your Naples beach vacation in November.