The sandy beaches in Florida have their own charm. Once you set your eyes on them, you surely cannot resist their spellbinding beauty. Many tourists have been captivated by the emerald green waters. It is as though gentle waves are inviting people to discover the hidden treasures of the sugar sand beaches. A plethora of activities await those who thirst for adventure. The cool breeze touching your face, the calming sound of the water embracing the sand; all of these are nature’s fascinating way of relaxing your mind.

Beach vacations will not be complete without engaging in water sports activities. They sure bring you closer to Florida’s paradise on earth. Kayaking, canoeing, snorkeling, swimming, and diving are just some of the popular aquatic activities that allow you to discover the treasures under the sea. As surprising as it may sound, there is one activity that you will enjoy out of the water. Naples Beach is known for being home to a vast collection of seashells, starfish and other underwater creatures.

If you want a different way to explore the waters, shelling is a must. When hunting for shells, you can hire a fishing charter to be properly guided. This activity is indeed rewarding whether you are going to hire a pro or do it alone. Shells, regardless of their forms and types, have many uses. They make great home decor, jewelry, home accent or gift. When you flip through the pages of a coastal home decor magazine, you will sure see shells as a prominent feature. If you are thinking about including shells in your redecorating project, here are some tips that will make the entire experience successful and enjoyable.

When is the best time for shelling?

In searching for treasures by the seashore, make it a point to wait for low tide. The tide charts are going to be your best bet as they give you an idea about the time low tide will appear. You will also have to take note of time high tide hits. It enables you to safely return from your shelling adventure. Whether it is a full or new moon, the moon phase provides the most extreme tides ideal for shelling. After a storm, consider heading to the beach.

Grab a few shells

While the thought of shelling can be an exciting activity for first-timers, it is still necessary to keep in mind that less is more. Shells play an important role in keeping the balance of the local ecosystem. Do not get too overwhelmed by the sight of these treasures. Choose only the ones that you consider to be visually appealing. Leave the rest so Mother Nature can still do its own thing in maintaining the balance.

Follow smart shelling practices

Avoid taking live shells and look for the ones that are already vacant. Shelling will be more enjoyable if you leave these creatures be. After all, you can have a relaxing vacation if you are following rules and helping to preserve Florida beaches.

You also need to wear sunscreen when walking on the beach. Wear a big hat to protect your face, head, and ears. You should also do proper research on cleaning shells because some chemicals that contain bleach can damage certain shells. There are many methods you can use for getting rid of dirt like boiling, freezing and even putting shells in the microwave.

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