Naples, Florida is home to the pristine beaches with panoramic views. Aside from the stunning Naples beaches that always leave vacationers in awe, there is so much to explore! Discover what this vacation destination has to offer.

Naples Pier

If you want a more laid-back activity, visiting the Naples Pier is the perfect choice for you. Naples Pier is thought to be the most popular tourist attraction of Naples, which will give you a full view of the picturesque horizon and the Gulf of Mexico. The best time to visit Naples Pier is at sunrise as it will treat you to a nice view of the sun and the sea.

Boutique Stores

Naples is not only about beautiful beaches as there are areas that you should explore depending on your preference. The boutique stores, for instance, are located in 3rd Street and 5th Avenue in downtown Naples. Here you can find stretches of open-air restaurants and small stores. Whether you fancy sampling local dishes or spending hours shopping, this is the place to be. If you want to treat your eyes to a spectacular view as you shop, you can also head north of downtown Naples and you will find the Venetian Village. This place is an open-air shopping center occupying a piece of the Venetian Bay. For more popular brands, you can check Waterside Shops as well.

Fresh Seafood

Eating fresh seafood is an essential part of your Naples exploration. Their Stone Crab claws, clams, and oyster are a must-try. You can find a great selection of seafood restaurants on the bay. You will be awe struck by all the choices available for you.


Although less well-known, kayaking through the mangroves is a rewarding experience. As you kayak through the waterways, you will also have the chance the check out the small animals in the area. If you are looking for a perfect escape from the mainland, this place is a great option. It also provides you with an opportunity to discover the hidden gem of Naples.

Naples Beach

As Naples, Florida has no shortage of white-sand beaches, your vacation won’t be complete without going to the beach to relax and watch the sunset. You can find a lot of family-friendly beaches in Naples that everyone will enjoy. Whether your idea of a beach vacation is to participate in a wide range of watersports activities or something more laid back, Naples beaches will never disappoint.

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