When you talk about Southwest Florida, Naples kayak adventures will be one of the first things that will come to mind. The Paradise Coast gains a lot of attention because of the underwater treasures that it offers to locals and tourists alike. If you want to experience Florida’s wildlife, kayaking is the best activity for you. When you go for a kayak tour, you will be able to discover manatees, alligators, dolphins, birds and even mangrove swamps. It will be a tour full of adventure.

Kayaking is known to be a low-impact activity that can have a positive effect on your upper body and core. It is one of the great activities you should not miss. Once you master basic strokes, a meditative paddle will take you to local places. You can also qualify for a wide range of guided tours.

Kayaking as an outdoor adventure

Whether you rent a single or double kayak, you can be sure that you will spend hours filled with entertainment. A self-guided paddle which lasts about two hours will take you to the Gordon River and Allyn Family Lagoon.

There are also kayak excursions that you can enjoy for up to four hours depending on the tour that you choose. The guided tour is composed of Twelve Island tours that will take you to Sunset Bird Fly-In and other picturesque attractions.

If you want to explore Naples a litter further, you can kayak your way to the Estero River which only takes a few hours. The open waters can get quite challenging, but if you are up for some adventures, then this is the place to be. Rookery Bay is also a fantastic place for adventure seekers. You can participate in a two-hour kayak tour where you can bring your kayak and paddle on your own. During the tour, you will be able to spot a wide variety of birds like elegant herons and osprey. You might also chance upon dolphins. If you like to explore the mangrove forests and rivers in groups, you can also opt for small boat tours.

Another popular attraction which you cannot afford to miss is Chokoloskee and Marco Island. There are kayaking eco-tours on offer which will take you to popular attractions ideal for naturalists. The tour lasts from two to seven hours. It is suitable for all experience levels and ages. It combines a kayak, boat and walking tour. There are also birding tours if you want to get a glimpse of different species of birds.

These tours are something you will look forward to when choosing Naples kayak adventures fit for you. It has so much to offer that all family members can enjoy. Be sure to check the guides to make the most out of your paddle. It is also necessary to watch the weather before you consider a kayak tour.