Walk on the Beach

How a Walk on a Beach Keeps the Doctor Away

I can safely assume that most of us have been to the beach at some point in our lives. What do you remember about it? You may recall the constant cool breeze of the ocean, the salty smell, and the soft sand underneath your feet. The whole experience is truly relaxing and healing in a way. So, it’s no surprise why so many tend to take their vacation days at the beach, but can a walk on a beach help more than just in the relaxation department? The following includes detailed information regarding the health benefits of a simple walk on a beach.

Can Nature Truly Heal?

We’ve all heard someone say this, “I need to step outside to get air.” Now, there’s a reason why so many of us need to step into nature when dealing with certain stressful issues, and that simply because it’s a natural healer, literally. In fact, even having an image of nature can many times provide people with the same sense of relief. Hence all the fake plants within office buildings. This theory isn’t new. Throughout the ’80s, Texas A&M University professor Robert Ulrich would often expose surgery patients to nature. In his final report, Professor Ulrich reported that those patients who were exposed to nature reported less pain felt throughout the day.

Walk on a Beach & “Blue Spaces”

Florida beaches are perhaps some of the most relaxing in the country. In fact, unlike most coastal states, you have the choice of either the Gulf or Atlantic ocean. One of the all-time favorites for Floridians & tourists-alike is the white “sugar” sand beaches of Naples, Florida. These are perfect for taking a stroll on as they aren’t too soft nor too hard for the average person. A walk on a beach can no doubt help you process anything that is causing you mental stress. Even if the beach does have a few people, you’re more likely to get a quiet environment there than your home or cafe shop.

Over the years, psychological and environmental researchers have looked into the curious case of happy people and “blue spaces.” So, what exactly are blue spaces? Well, it’s simply another way to describe anything that surrounds the beach, but it often refers to the color of the ocean. Researchers conducted a variety of tests with participants that were suffering from PTSD. Data showed that everything from a simple walk on a beach to paddle boarding and kayaking helped to reduce their levels of anxiety and overall stress. In fact, it made the participants that much more social.

Beach Walk & Skin Care

When you think about skincare, you usually don’t think about the beach, but you’ de be surprised by how much the sea truly helps our skin. One of the lesser-known skin benefits of a walk on a beach lies directly underneath your feet. Have you ever thought about why it feels so amazing to walk on a beach barefoot? It really comes down to two things, the number of grains hitting your feet nerves and the natural exfoliant from the wet sand. When you walk through wet sand, you are getting rid of old dead skin, thus leaving them much softer after you’re done for the day.

Beach Activities

If you’re looking to get in a challenging workout during your beach walk, then you may want to consider changing where you walk on. For example, you can choose to switch from walking on wet firm sand & the deeper sand areas from time to time. Those living in Naples, Florida, usually take advantage of the Naples Pier located at the West end of 12th Avenue South. Taking a walk down the wooden flooring of the pier is a great way to switch things up during your walk and experience another part of the beach. However, for a quieter reserve setting with fewer buildings around, try heading for Delnor-Wiggins Pass State Park in the north of Naples at the end of Immokalee Rd/111th Ave N.