The beaches in Florida are among the most beautiful in the United States. Visitors and locals alike have many options when it comes to the Florida coastline. But anyone who skips a trip to Naples in favor of one of the other local beaches is missing out.

That’s because Naples is home to some amazing beaches. Don’t believe me yet? Keep reading.

3 Reasons Why Naples Beaches are Worth a Visit

You Can Live the Adventure Seeker’s Dream

Whether on foot or bike, there’s no shortage of adventure-seeking fun on the coast of Naples.

Spot wildlife on long stretches of uninterrupted shore, between mansions with botanical gardens for front yards. The only pink flamingos you’ll see in these yards are the real deal!

Along the trek, you’ll find several boardwalk rest stops with showers and water fountains. And if you aren’t tired you can pop into the water to swim with a large variety of fish and wild birds.

By the time you reach the historic Naples Pier, you may be ready for a snack at the snack bar. Or maybe you’ll hit the bait and tackle shop for a once in a lifetime chance to fish on the 1,000 ft stretch established in 1888.

Few vendors clutter the shoreline, which adds to the beach’s adventurous charm. But there are still opportunities for adventure seekers to rent kayaks, canoes and other fun-in-the-sun activities.

“No Shopping”Ambiance

As mentioned, having few vendors along stretches of Naples beaches only enhances the experience. Instead of hurried shoppers, you find a “lifestyles of the rich and famous” vibe. There are acres of estates with beautiful tropical gardens, and wide expansive beach front stretching as far as the eye can see.

This creates an ambiance that’s different from other popular Central Florida beach destinations like Daytona or Clearwater.

On commercialized beaches, it’s commonplace to find surf shops attached to convenience stores. Kitschy music is in the air that follows you as you walk to the beach, and vendors stationed along the piers, staring you down to buy a trinket.

Not in Naples.

What’s left is the quiet omniscience of fancy estates tucked neatly behind banana leaves. Lush tropical brush serves as a barricade as if to hide from public eyes the well-staffed courtyards of its wealthy occupants.

Then, of course, there is Delnor-Wiggins Pass State Park. This is an untouched and protected stretch of beach where you can truly enjoy Florida just the way it “used to be”.

All of this provides a romantic, if not magical, setting for the imagination to run amok. And if you’re like me and the sound of waves is enough to relax you. The “no shopping” ambiance of Naples beaches will make you feel like you just left the spa.

Ok, Maybe A Little Shopping

I can’t express enough how unique it is that Naples beaches leave so much land untouched for quiet exploration. But if you’re looking for a party the resort vibe of Vanderbilt Beach in Naples will not disappoint.

Home to the Ritz-Carlton and other high-end resorts, this stretch of beaches against the Gulf of Mexico offer vendors, bars and nightlife galore. Crowded but charming, Vanderbilt Beach might be considered a little slice of Fort Lauderdale in the heart of Naples.

Naples, FL – You’re Next Beach Vacation

Now that you’re convinced that you must visit Naples, what’s next? It’s time to start thinking about your trip, of course!

Is it family, couples or solo? Adventure-seeking or quiet relaxation? Naples can offer it all.

But for a closer look at which Naples beach will be the best fit for your lifestyle, head to our blog. Thanks for stopping by, and we’ll see you at Naples beaches!

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