Hitting the beach is a great way to relax. The calm waves, the clear waters, the sand brushing against your feet, the sun, the view…the list goes on. The beach gives you inner peace as you’re away from the distractions of urban living. Now, you can finally sit back and relax. However, if you want your beach vacation to be filled with adventure, you need to take part in watersports that will test your energy and fitness level.

Paddleboarding is one of the activities you should try. Paddleboarding knows no limit. Regardless of your weight, age or fitness level, you’ll surely love to unleash your stress and embrace the fun and excitement that paddle boarding brings. So what makes paddle boarding an exciting watersport?

Improved Balance

One way that you improve your balance is through paddle boarding. It also strengthens your joints and ankles. For you to remain upright when paddling, you need leg strength, stability, and coordination. It is even more fun if your board wobbles every once in a while. You also need to make sure that your limb muscles are in action so you can maintain your balance. If you are paddling for the first time, you might feel a bit strange, especially when it comes to ensuring that your balance is maintained. You might even stumble, but you need to be up on your feet and resume paddling. Practice, as they say, makes perfect. You need to get used to paddle boarding for your balance to improve.

Helps Manage Stress

Did you know that paddle boarding is also an excellent stress reliever? It gives you that adrenaline rush while also letting you get closer to nature. As you relax, you are also getting rid of the negative energy while burning some fats. The sea air lets you relax and it works like yoga. So in case, you feel stressed at work, take that vitamin sea and don’t forget to add paddle boarding to the mix. You will love the fact that it gives you the time to recharge your batteries to face the challenges ahead.

Improved Health

When you talk about cardiovascular activities, the things that come to mind are activities like jumping, walking, cycling or running. Paddleboarding provides the same benefits as these activities. When you’re running or walking, the calories you burn depends on how hard you are pushing yourself. That said, the more intense paddle boarding gets, the better.

You’ll also reduce the risk for heart disease if you perform paddle boarding regularly. Now that will convince you to take that much needed R&R often. As you continue to embark on this adventure on the water, you will also lower your triglycerides or the bad cholesterol. When you go to the beach don’t just enjoy the view, grab a paddleboard and embrace the waves.

Your body will exert an extra effort to stabilize yourself and maintain your balance. You also use your shoulders and arms to paddle forward. These movements can cause your heart to beat faster while releasing nitric oxide. It opens your blood vessels and increases the flow of oxygen into your brain. It results in improving your bodily function. So you think paddleboarding is just an ordinary watersport? These benefits will leave you in awe.

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