6 Best Foods to Pack for a Beach Trip

6 Best Foods to Pack for a Beach Trip

A long day at the beach needs to be accompanied by the right foods. Today we’re going to share the best foods to pack for your beach trip.

Choosing the Best Foods for Your Beach Trip

Are you preparing for a fun day at the beach? If so, choosing the best foods that will work for the beach environment is essential.

Choosing the wrong type of food can lead to a beach disaster, but the right foods can leave you satisfied on your beach day trip. Here are six foods to consider.

Sandwich Wraps

If you’re a fan of sandwiches, consider a sandwich wrap over a traditional one. Traditional sandwiches are prone to getting sand inside of them and are soggy, which means they’re not the most ideal option.

On the other hand, sandwich wraps are the perfect solution if you want to avoid sand.

Wraps have a protective outer layer. This makes it difficult for sand to get inside.

You can additionally wrap your sandwich wrap in foil to avoid sand.

Granola Bars

Packing light is key to any beach day trip. With that said, toting a few granola bars is an excellent way to go.

These bars already come wrapped in plastic to help you avoid the sand, are light enough to carry on your beach journey, and quick and easy to eat.

Keep in mind that it’s best to choose granola bars that are more nutty and oaty rather than sticky. Sticky granola bars are more prone to attracting sand.


Getting in your daily fruit is important, even on a beach trip. But it also just so happens that grapes are one of the best snacks to bring for a day at the beach.

Grapes aren’t just easy to eat while sitting in the sand, but they can also serve as ice if you have a small cooler. Before heading to the beach, freeze your grapes and then stick them in the cooler. This will help keep everything else cold, just as ice does.

When you’re ready to eat your grapes, just take them out of the cooler about 20-30 minutes beforehand and let them thaw, or eat them frozen.


If you have a bit of a sweet tooth, consider adding brownies to the beach day menu. Unlike other chocolates, brownies won’t melt in the sun since they cook all the way through.

Additionally, brownies are small, handheld snacks that you can eat in just a few bites to satisfy your cravings.

Trail Mix

If you haven’t noticed by now, going small is key when it comes to choosing the best foods for your beach trip.

Trail mix is a small snack that you can eat throughout your time at the beach. Packing it is easy and can go well with the rest of the foods you bring.

Just be mindful to avoid trail mix that contains chocolate. Chocolate will melt in the sun and can quickly turn your trail mix into a disaster.


If you’re looking for a quick snack to hit the beach with, yogurt is a great option. There’s no prep time involved, and it is small enough to fit multiples into your cooler.

Yogurt is healthy, flavorful, and comes in a variety of styles. For instance, you can get yogurt in a traditional cup. But, there are also squeezable options if you’re looking for more packing and eating flexibility.

Food is an essential aspect of any day at the beach. If you want to make your beach day a success, be sure to pack the right foods that don’t just taste good but are fit for a beach environment.