Hopping into a boat and paddling your way out into nature is a unique and exciting experience. With Naples Beach Adventures, you can knock an item off your bucket list and experience tropical mangrove estuaries of Delnor-Wiggens State Park firsthand.

Travel Together

Perhaps the most practical thing about traveling into the estuary waterways with a tour guide is the combination of security and adventure. When traveling solo, it’s advisable to gain the necessary skills and do some planning first, but having a guide makes that less essential. Most importantly, there’s no getting lost when you’re in a group with an enthusiastic and well-trained guide. With Naples Beach Adventures, you can remove all the worries of wilderness exploration and immerse yourself in a beautiful, pristine location.

Seek Out Wildlife

Whether you’re a Florida local or a curious visitor, one of the most exciting things about Naples Beach Adventures is the wildlife. With a bit of luck, you may witness a manatee or dolphin on your journey. Likewise, alligators, otters, and ibises call Southwest Florida home. A tour at Delnor-Wiggens State Park will bring you into the heart of Florida’s diverse habitats. Bring a waterproofed camera, some binoculars, or simply an adventurous spirit on these kayak tours. Ultimately, the wildlife you see will be dependent on the season, so consider kayaking all year.

Bring The Essentials

As most boaters will tell you, there is a difference between being prepared and bringing too many things. Although your tour guide can give you more specific information about the items needed for your specific excursion, here are a few tips.

Wear the right clothes. When kayaking, you will essentially be exercising all day in the sun. Although this is rewarding, it does require comfortable clothing. Consider bringing lightweight athletic clothing and shoes that are appropriate for water.

Bring a reusable water container. It’s incredibly important to stay hydrated, especially when exerting yourself in the sun all day. Depending on the length of your excursion, carefully consider how much water to bring, then bring extra. It’s always best to have too much rather than too little. Bonus points if you bring a reusable bottle to avoid plastic ending up in the environment.

Protect your skin. This is one step you won’t want to forget. Sunscreen and a nice, wide hat will help you withstand a day of bright sun and avoid permanent skin damage.

Don’t over-pack. As nice as it is to have an arsenal of useful equipment in your backpack, it can become a burden. While packing, ask yourself if the item is essential or if it would better to leave it at home and have a lighter backpack.

Be adventurous. Ultimately, even if you don’t pack exactly the right items or if you run into some hiccups on your journey, a kayaking trip in Naples will be an experience to remember. If you bring an adventurous mindset, you’re in for a memorable excursion.