If you’re heading to the beach on your next vacation, snorkeling is one of the exciting activities you should consider. You’ll need snorkel gear to enjoy your underwater adventure. Here’s everything you need to know about snorkel gear to make your beach vacation out of the ordinary:

Buying vs. Renting Snorkel Gear

The longer your vacation, the more items you need to pack. Renting a set of snorkel gear is a good idea, especially if you don’t have enough luggage space. You can also rent one thing that’s taking a lot of space in your baggage and purchase the rest. You can bring your mask and snorkel since they are light, and rent fins (keep in mind not all destinations have gear readily available for rent).

If you want to snorkel whenever you wish, bringing a full set of snorkel gear is an option, so you don’t have to worry about anything except enjoy your much-needed vacation. In a city like Naples, Florida, there are plenty of stores to buy gear once you get there, thus eliminating the space issue.

Things To Remember When Buying Snorkel Gear

If you are planning trips in the future, where you can go on more snorkeling adventures, get high-quality gear. Be sure to take the time to check the equipment if they’re made from high-quality materials. The mask needs to be made of soft silicone while the fins should provide you flexibility. Ill-fitting snorkel gear is equivalent to not wearing any gear at all.

Look for a store that is known to provide quality snorkel gear, or investigate brand and model reviews online. The Internet will help you find a list of reputable stores that specialize in snorkeling and diving, as well as which big-box stores you can visit.

Leak-Proof Snorkel Mask

The reason you should buy or rent a snorkel mask that fits well is to prevent discomfort during your sea exploration. A snorkel mask with a snug fit won’t leak. The staff at dive resorts and shops will also ask you to take the inhale test to check if the snorkel fits wells. It should form an excellent watertight and airtight seal. You’ll know you’ve got a good seal if the mask stays in place when you put it on without the strap, breathe in slightly through your nose, and then let go.

Great-Fitting Fins

Fins can also be a source of discomfort if they don’t fit well. You can choose from two types of fin pockets: adjustable strap fins or full-foot fins. The adjustable strap fins may have to be worn with booties while the full-foot fins have to fit snugly so your foot won’t easily move around. You can also wear snorkeling socks to prevent blisters.

Watch for tears and fraying on the heel strap and foot pocket. A broken fin strap can make snorkeling tiring and uncomfortable.

Don’t focus on the color or style.

If you decide to purchase your snorkel gear, make sure that you perform thorough research. Examine the gear, making sure they fit properly. You don’t want to end up buying another mask after only a few uses do you? Even if a piece of equipment looks good, comfort and quality should be your priority. Avoid focusing on the price as this could mean compromising on quality. You can have the best of both worlds if you choose to purchase from a professional dive shop.

However, if you just want to try out this activity before committing to an expensive set, sets ranging from $25-$40 can be perfectly fine too. You often find these in stores such as Walmart, West Marine, Target, and so on.

The weight of your snorkel gear is also essential. Check snorkeling travel sets with the label “travel ready” on the packaging. These sets are usually lightweight, less than five pounds. A complete set of snorkel gear will give you a fantastic snorkeling experience regardless of your level of expertise.

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