Delnor-Wiggins Pass State Park puts out new things to do even for the seasoned veterans who return every so often. The park sits on a barrier island on the southwestern coast of Naples, Florida. You might head to the paddleboard rental shop and paddleboard your way through this stunningly beautiful 166-acre park made for nature lovers and beachgoers alike.

What Will Stand-up Paddleboarders See?

You will see serene mangrove-lined waterways, stunning white-sand beaches, and, depending on where you go, a hard-bottom reef. The park welcomes various interesting shorebirds, such as least terns, bald eagles, and snowy egrets.

Delnor-Wiggins Pass State Park serves as a rest stop for migratory birds on their migration path. This park serves as one of the best places to hear the songbirds in their spring migration during the spring season.

Staying Fit

Paddleboarding offers us one of the best ways of keeping our core muscles in shape. The activity exercises the deltoids, the traps, the latissmus dorsi, the abdominal muscles, and the supraspinatus. Each stroke engages more than your biceps.

Where to Go Paddleboarding

Many people who go paddleboarding at the park choose the winding backwaters for a fun and memorable trip. You have over a mile of beach and the Cocohatchee River to paddleboard on. It depends on personality, but some people prefer the beach for paddle boarding, where they can play in the waves. Even if you don’t have a board, you can rent one at the concession stand. Besides paddleboarding, you can choose kayaking or canoeing. Be sure to ask where you are allowed to go when renting.

Paddleboarding to Fish

Perhaps you want to go paddleboarding so that you can fish here. You have to check for the designated areas where they allow you to go fishing. The northern part of Delnor-Wiggins Pass State Park has an established reputation for trophy fish. Many fish species call this land home, but among the many fish here, you have:

To have the most luck fishing here, look for schools of baitfish, which will attract the bigger fish. You will see ripples in the water. If you can’t find the baitfish, look for sandbars. Fish love to stay near a sandbar because it provides them with a nearby food source. You can try plenty of live bait options like crabs, shrimp, and small fish, as well as artificial lures. Keep in mind you need a fishing license to fish in the state of Florida.

Fishing from a paddleboard is not easy. Only experienced paddleboarders should attempt it. However, there are many options for fishing from shore or other craft at Delnor-Wiggins.

An Act of Discovery

Your greatest reward from the park comes from the act of discovery as you explore the many different things about the park. People have voted this as one of the best beaches in all of Florida, and as a state park, the state management team takes good care of it. You have close access to local wildlife, making it even more special.

Wherever you go paddleboarding, always be aware of the areas with strong currents or heavy boating traffic because this can prove dangerous to paddleboarders. Don’t go through these areas unless on a calm day, and even then, use extreme caution. What should you know about the park before coming here? This popular beach boasts one of the most pristine and clean beaches in the state of Florida. The weekends are especially crowded. Go on the weekday if you can, and you will have fewer crowds. You could even hire someone to give you a guided tour.